Why Change The Wood Chopping Board?
30 July 04

1. The quality of the material is not good. The wooden chopping board made of pine wood fir material is easy to crack and crack, and the strength is not enough and it is easy to be deformed. The use of non-environmental glue splicing and splicing of bamboo cutting boards exceeds the standard of harmful substances, and mixing into food is more likely to cause food poisoning. Adding other ingredients to the plastic cutting board increases the hardness and seriously endangers health.

2, the process is backward, cut corners. Excellent bamboo cutting boards should be pressed with high temperature in the surface layer to prevent the joints from contacting the food. However, a large number of poor quality cutting boards adopt the method of splicing. When the water content fluctuates greatly, it is very easy to crack and deform. Plastic cutting boards should be made of high temperature and non-toxic components, while a large number of manufacturers use unqualified non-food grade materials and even recycled materials. If the wooden cutting board is made of whole piece of wood, the strength can be increased to improve the crack resistance, but a large number of spliced finger joint plates exist. The surface of the wooden chopping board should be coated with beeswax oil or edible oil, and many manufacturers replace it with wood paint.

3. Health problems caused by cutting boards. The most common occurrence of cutting boards is the problem of bacterial growth and mildew caused by surface materials and residues. If improperly cleaned, these substances will affect the health of the ingredients as they enter the body.

4, poor experience. Common problems are small size and thin thickness. Many people don't consider the problem of placing ingredients when cutting vegetables. The small cutting board can't put more things. For example, when you want to cut green leafy vegetables, it is not enough. . In terms of thickness, the thin anvil plate can easily slide and vibrate, which is caused by insufficient thickness.

Why Change The Wood Chopping Board?