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Wooden Spatula Maintenance Rules
The wood shovel is consistently considered a perfect match for non-stick pans. The original wood quality feels good and will not smash the protective layer of the pot. Despite the increasing acceptance of silicone shovel, wood shovel can sometimes add a unique aroma to the food due to its own woody aroma.
Cleaning Method Of Wooden Spatula - Method
The new wooden spatula has a strange smell. It can be washed and cleaned first, then boiled and boiled in boiling water. Hang it in a cool, ventilated place to dry it. The daily wooden spatula, after the meal, wash the water soaked, then wipe with a brush cloth to remove oily stains. Rinse well, hang up and let it dry naturally. For wooden shovel for fried rice and scrambled eggs, sticky rice and vegetables are thick and difficult to clean. Can be gently brushed along the wood grain.
Why Change The Wood Chopping Board?
The quality of the material is not good. The wooden chopping board made of pine wood fir material is easy to crack and crack, and the strength is not enough and it is easy to be deformed. The use of non-environmental glue splicing and splicing of bamboo cutting boards exceeds the standard of harmful substances, and mixing into food is more likely to cause food poisoning. Adding other ingredients to the plastic cutting board increases the hardness and seriously endangers health.
The Wooden Spatula Should Be Treated Like This Before The First Use - Method
First clean the wooden spatula, then use high temperature disinfection with boiling water. Soak the wooden spatula with water for 10 minutes, wipe it off with a scouring pad and rinse it. Put the wooden spatula into the pot, drain the water over the spatula, add a spoonful of soda ash in the pan, cook for 10 minutes, remove and wash, then use.