A cutting board that can be used as a fruit plate, the fruit juice will not be turbulent
30 July 04

You must have the same feeling:

Only one chopping board is available at home

Chickens, ducks, fish, fruits, vegetables, turns

Even cleaned chopping boards

Cut out the fruit will have some strange smell

So some fruit

It was so innocently thrown into the trash

Sometimes the mood of the United States and the United States, will be broken through this episode!

Not to mention the smell!

When you cut watermelons, oranges, and other fruits that have more moisture

After the cut, not only is the table full of shocking juices everywhere

Accidentally blurred the United States and the United States clothes

Affect the mood of the whole day!

In addition, the traditional chopping board is used after 3 months

It is easy to mold and breed bacteria

Accidentally aflatoxin

You know that aflatoxin is the main cause of cancer

That being the case

Love to clean and sanitation to give up

A multi-functional fruit artifact!

Oh, this is the product

[A four knife] household plastic cutting fruit chopping board

Don't look small, but powerful

Bamboo cutting board  (5).jpg