A good way to keep chopping board health
30 July 04


The cutting boards are generally wooden. Since the wooden cutting boards have patchwork or wormholes, they are prone to breeding bacteria. Therefore, they must be washed or poured with boiling water to keep the cutting boards clean and sanitary. How can we keep the cutting board clean and sanitary? Let the cutting board manufacturer give you a brief introduction.

     1. Raw and cooked separately: As there are more bacteria and parasitic eggs on lettuce, in order to avoid contamination of the cutting board, two cutting boards can be prepared, raw food and cooked food are cut separately.

     2. Every time you use the cutting board, wipe it with a clean cloth and place it in a ventilated place to dry;

     3. If the cutting board has been made of old mildew, you can put the cutting board in Taomi water or put detergents, etc., then wash it with clean water, and stand in a ventilated place to dry, but do not put the wet cutting board easily. Under the sun exposure, to prevent its deformation, and affect the use.