A variety of Acacia wood cutting boards,There is always a suitable for you
30 July 04

Handle plate

Sometimes, for convenience, after processing the food on the cooking plate, it will be served directly as a plate to the table. The surrounding groove design helps to prevent the flow of vegetable juices to the tabletop and is fully humanized. The handle's leather strap can be hung on the wall for easy storage.


Circular chopping board

Looking tired of Founder's cutting board, it is better to change the shape of a circle. With a diameter of 35cm and a thickness of 2.5cm, the design of the handle is very suitable for small kitchen space, or is particularly concerned about the family of problems.


The art of Founder

If the kitchen countertop is wide enough, choose a square chopping board. The size of 40.5*40.5cm is enough to handle the cutting of daily cooked foods.


Big Mac in a chopping board

The pattern of the checkerboard plaid shines and it is up to the kitchen to develop. This chopping board has a thickness of 3.5cm and a length of 48.5cm. It is a big tablet in the cutting board and is very strong and suitable for cutting meat and cheekbones.