About bamboo cutting board Adhesive glue
30 July 04

Many manufacturers have glue glue advertise that he is no formaldehyde content, it is the gimmick can only say that content is particularly small.Because there is nozero-formal dehyde glue sticky.Now we are GBis1.5MG/KG,European food grade LFGB standards are 0.1MG/KG,wedo some ofthe highest standards of European countries(even higher than LFGB),is0.1MG/DM2,essentially zeroformaldehyde, andourcountry is the subject ofnearlyone twentieth of the highest content standards,does not mean that the less viscous formaldehyde worse, but noformal dehyde is absolutely not,we didtest, used commercially  bought water soaked bamboo cutting board testedup to 24 hours,basically all cracking,and our bamboo cutting boards can beimmersed in water48 hoursare notacrack.In fact, these take a long time to detectand upgradetoachieve.

Bamboo cutting board  (5).jpg