About bamboo wood cutting board chesse board LFGB certificationIntroduction
30 July 04

September 2005,the new GermanlawLFGBfoodand dietarysuppliesof food anddaily necessitiesActreplaced theLMBG.It isalso known as the"Food, tobacco products,cosmetics andotherdaily necessitiesManagement Law"is a Germanfood hygienemanagementof the most importantbasic legaldocuments,is the other specialfood hygiene laws,regulations and guidelines developedand core.But in recent yearsithas been modified, mainly withEuropean standardsmatch.Regulations onall aspects ofGerman foodmadetotal andfundamentalrequirementthat allfood on the marketin Germanyand allfood-relatedcommodities mustmeet thebasic requirementsabove it.Contact with fooddailyto pass the test, in line withthe German "Food and CommodityLaw"Article 30andthirty-one, and canbeissued by authorized agenciesLFGBcertified test report"does not containtoxic substances of chemicalproducts", and canin the Germanmarket.

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