Acacia wood cutting board crack repair method of wood powder repair
30 July 04

v2-183e7214045e9da51f0fe1f816cda4be_hd.jpgAccording to the cutting board manufacturer, Acacia wood cutting board used for a long time or improper maintenance methods will appear cracks, cracks appear in general will use putty to repair, but it is easy to cause color. In addition, wood powder can also be used for repair.

     And its use is this: put the same color of wood flour on the cracks in the wood, knock the wood into the cracks, wipe it by hand, and then take 502 glue along the cracks, followed by a layer of wood After a few seconds, the powder can be polished with sandpaper, and the cracks will disappear.

     Therefore, if the Acacia wood cutting board in the home appears to be a phenomenon, you may try this method, which is very effective.