Acacia wood cutting board wrong cleaning method
30 July 04


The cutting board is a must-have item for households. Nowadays, there are many kinds of materials for the cutting board. Acacia wood cutting board is commonly used. In addition to choosing a good cutting board, the use of cutting board is also very important for its cleaning and maintenance, which is easy to ignore for many people. Therefore, it is not only necessary to know how to clean, but also to understand some wrong cleaning methods.

1. Cut the meat or scrape it with a kitchen knife. This is simply an extra effort. There is no cleaning or disinfection. Bacteria are invisible to the naked eye and are scratched, but only part of the surface is picked up.

2. Many people may have already eliminated the poisoning of the cutting board. Finally, they wipe the cutting board with a rag. The result is that the board is smeared with bacteria.

In addition, it should be noted that in addition to properly cleaning the Acacia wood cutting board, raw food and cooked food must be used separately, so as to ensure no cross-contamination between foods.