Advantages and disadvantages of using wooden bowls
30 July 04

The bowl is used as a tableware for people's daily use. Its material is also very particular. The general wooden bowl has its unique advantages. Of course, there are some disadvantages. The wooden bowls of different textures also have different functions.

   The wooden bowl is excellent in texture and has many advantages that it is difficult to have in a porcelain bowl. The natural pattern of the wooden bowl is made of natural wood. It does not crack in the water, it is not broken, it is not hot and not ice, the body is light and solid, and it is durable.


With this bowl of food, you can completely maintain the original taste of the food, and it is suitable to eat food such as ghee and sticky oil. This kind of wooden bowl still has the advantages of not burning the mouth in summer and not being the ice hand in winter, but the strength of the blooming water without cracking and overlapping is not obvious. However, compared to the general porcelain bowl, it is still the top grade in the bowl.

   Wooden bowls are prone to cracking, but you can clean and protect the surface of the bowl by simply applying a layer of olive oil to the kitchen with a paper towel to wipe the wooden salad bowl. Before you can hold the salad, use a small piece of garlic bud to wipe it. Wooden bowls should be washed away with water. Use a napkin to clean with oil and salt.