Advantages of Bamboo keyboard
30 July 04

The bamboo keyboard of all bamboo is small, with natural thermostatic performance, which can effectively avoid static electricity generation and prolong the service life of keyboard electronic parts, which is better than the plastic keyboard used now.


1. Good practicability, good sense of hand, anti-static, radiation, easy to clean, absorbance and antibacterial, cool in winter and summer;

2. Replace plastic with bamboo material, improve the degradability of products and achieve the goal of green environmental protection;


3. Special production of high temperature and high pressure carbonization process of middle bamboo meat, which will never crack and never deform;

4. The bamboo keyboard has a novel and unique appearance, elegant and elegant, noble and elegant, which greatly improves the ornamental value of the product.


5. Good practicability, good sense of hands, antistatic, radiation, easy to clean, sweat and bacteria, cool in winter and summer;

6. The unique anti-static effect of bamboo keyboard has been hit more than 5 million times;

7. The normal service life of a computer requires 3 ordinary keyboards, while the service life of 1 bamboo keyboard can satisfy the use of 3 PCS.


8. National invention patent and utility model patent;

9. The bamboo wood grain has the functions of absorbing ultraviolet ray, while its luster is elegant, soft and sweet appearance; It can also alleviate the visual fatigue and reduce the occurrence of myopia. Is a very rich decorative effect, health handicraft, can meet people's increasingly pursuit of life taste;

10. Compatibility: PS/2, USB compatible with all computers, compatible with all systems over 98.