Advantages of bamboo serving tray
30 July 04

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Its advantage are high strength, high bearing capacity and high impact resistance, and represent that general development trend of future trays. 

For the country with very low per capita forest occupancy, but with extremely rich bamboo forest resources, the replacement of wooden pallets with bamboo pallets is an absolute benefit for the people.

Because the bamboo material is a fumigated material.The bamboo tray is not limited by the ispm 15 standard during the exit process.

timg (1).jpg1. Low price and high cost performance.

2. The strength and bearing capacity are obviously higher than the wooden pallet.

3, green, new materials, and environmental protection concept

4, waterproof, mouldproof, insect-resistant

5. Fumigated, recoverable and serviced

You can make a tray of specifications and sizes with the required flexibility