Analysis of the status of wood cutting board market
30 July 04


  In daily life, the cutting board is a daily necessities for everyone, and the domestic market has always been dominated by traditional wood cutting boards. However, with the recent scientific discovery of wooden cutting boards, it is getting better and better. Therefore, wood cutting board can inhibit the proliferation of bacteria, light, health, with no cracking, deformation, wear, hardness, good toughness, etc., quickly occupied the wholesale market.

     Different material cutting boards have their own characteristics, but solid wood cutting boards and bamboo cutting boards are relatively safe. Because they are natural and do not add other substances, the market potential for bamboo cutting boards is even wider. Wooden cutting boards have high density, strong toughness, and strong use. However, due to the wide variety of wooden cutting boards, it is not easy to pick, and some wooden cutting boards are natural and environmentally-friendly and durable. However, some wood-based cutting boards, such as poplar cutting boards, have insufficient hardness and are easy to crack. The surface is prone to knife marks. If the cleaning is not thorough, it is easy to collect dirt, breed bacteria, and contaminate food.