Are Wooden Spoons Essential Kitchen Utensils?
30 July 04

Most chefs will tell you that wooden spoons are essential. I will not be so far, because this is just my opinion. There are some disadvantages. For example, if you make many sweet dishes and delicious dishes, then you don't want to use the same wooden spoon. For example, you don't want to stir the pudding with the same spoon, for example, you can use it in a dipping sauce. Some chefs use a small piece of colored tape to track 'sweet spoons' and 'salted spoons'. Of course, the tape eventually fell off due to washing.

Although wooden spoons can be cleaned in the dishwasher, they can do thorough work and help eliminate odors, but they can also become fragmented. Basically, they will start to look like rough rather than spoons. However, if you like trouble, polishing with sandpaper will take care of this.

Another good choice for bamboo spoon

Due to sustainability issues, you may be worried about using any wood. However, another good choice available today is bamboo spoons, as shown above. Very strong, light, renewable, and quite affordable.