30 July 04


✔ Great for food safety - High-quality chopping board made from 100% premium bamboo, without the addition of toxin-free dyes or stains with natural antibacterial properties

✔ Ultra-durable - Size 18 inches x 12 inches x 3/4 inches and weighs 3.1 pounds, providing space for heavy vegetable chopping, slicing fruit and cutting meat. High-quality bamboo resists knife sc and warping

G-pin on the pin -Bamboo is hard and hard, but unlike glass or plastic chopping boards, it doesn't dull your kitchen knife

✔ Versatile and no big - Large size and reversibility makes great chopping boards, cheese plates, or gourmet chopping boards. Large juices and drip trays keep the liquid on the plate, not all on the counter

✔Easy to clean and longevity guaranteed - Less cleaning than wood cutting boards. Simply wash with warm water and soap and allow to dry. Carefree, lifetime warranty.

✔ Other size options - Do not miss the variant of bamboo cutting board

Don't waste time searching for the best cutting board

With all the choices of cutting board or chopping board, it is difficult to figure out which are good and which are not.

You may experience warping, splitting, or broken cutting board problems after a few uses.

With the Pratico kitchen's oversized chopping board, you don't have to worry.

what are you waiting for?

Now add the kitchen chopping block to your shopping cart and start enjoying the benefits of bamboo today!