Bamboo Cutting Board and Stand Set
30 July 04

cutting board 4.jpg

WHEN IN ROME DO LIKE THE ROMANS, WHEN IN THE KITCHEN DO LIKE THE CHEFS – Chefs love the natural look of bamboo and the modern elegance it conveys. 

FILL YOUR KITCHEN WITH THE ODOR OF FRESH FOOD – Even if you only cook at home occasionally, having the right cutting board can be crucial, as it’s always better to cut up fresh vegetables or meat yourself rather than purchase them pre-cut. The smell of fresh food conjures up the magic of home-cooked meals. Your loved ones will feel the caring and healthy environment you are preparing for them. Wherever they are, they will always remember this smell and think of your love.

HEALTH COMES FIRST - Bamboo cutting boards are naturally antibacterial and will neutralize 99.9% of bacteria left on the wood within 24 hours. However, some bamboo products are processed using toxic materials that might leech into your food over time. Our board had passed FDA inspection for using non-toxic materials and environment-friendly glue.

SURPRISE YOUR LOVED ONES WITH THE PERFECT PRESENT – Our bamboo cutting board comes with a matching stand that can be used in so many ways. The stand is a kitchen accessory within itself. Made of the same bamboo material as the board, the stand protects the board, frees up the counter space, and can serve as a cell phone holder. The board and the stand make an elegant and fancy addition to your kitchen and a winning gift idea.