Bamboo Kitchen Utensils 3 - Bamboo Meal Appliances
30 July 04

The bamboo eating utensils are made of fresh bamboo cans and dried in the sun for decoration. The production process is simple and quick. In the past, people believed that eating bamboo dishes had the effect of strengthening one's health and eliminating heat. What are the advantages of bamboo eating utensils and what are the common bamboo meals?

The advantages of bamboo eating utensils: bamboo dining utensils are very practical, beautiful appearance, affordable and easy to use. Bamboo-wood cutlery is not only good toughness, easy to mold and easy to preserve, but it's natural fragrance for people to increase appetite when eating.

Common bamboo meals include bamboo bowls, bamboo spoons, bamboo knives, forks, bamboo spoons, and bamboo toothpicks.