Bamboo adhesive technology
30 July 04

1, use

Bamboo is an indispensable material for industrial and agricultural production, construction and furniture manufacturing. China's bamboo crafts enjoy a high reputation in the world. However, due to the difficulty of bonding bamboo products, seriously affecting the number and quality of bamboo products, this product is specifically used to bind bamboo products.

2, raw materials and formula (weight parts)

Formaldehyde: 37% used industrial products. 372

Urotropine: Use industrial products. 4.1~5.2

Sodium hydroxide: 5% solution Industrial products are used. Proper amount

Ammonia: 25% ammonia. 40

Ammonium chloride: Industrial products are used. 8

Urea: Use industrial products. 145

Water : Moderate

3, the preparation method

 The formaldehyde was placed in an enamel reaction pot. Urotropine was added and stirred to dissolve the solution. 5% sodium hydroxide was added to adjust the pH to 7 to 7.2. Finally add 100 parts of urea, heat directly to 95 degrees with fire, heat and stir for 1 hour, then cool to 75 degrees, and then use 5% sodium hydroxide to adjust the pH to 7~7.2. Dehydration at 75 degrees Celsius stirring dehydration, heated to 90 to 95 degrees, concentrated to the material solution will play a filament until the temperature is reduced to 50 degrees, with 5% sodium hydroxide to adjust the pH to 7 ~ 7.2, cooled to room temperature, stop stirring , The material is the main agent. Room temperature can be kept for 1 to 2 years.

Another 40 parts of 25% aqueous ammonia and 8 parts of ammonium chloride were mixed and stirred to dissolve. Then, the remaining 45 parts of urea and about 50 parts of fresh water were added and the mixture was stirred thoroughly to obtain a curing agent.

 4, use method


When used, the bamboo products need to be cleaned, leveled and dried first. According to the weight ratio of the adhesive main agent:curing agent=9:1, the both are sufficiently stirred to obtain the adhesive. When used, the product should be evenly coated on the surface of clean and dry bamboo products that need to be bonded. After bonding, they should be tied or pressed tightly with ropes. After 2 days, they should be cured and can be used after being planed.

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