Bamboo adhesive technology
30 July 04

Bamboo adhesive technology

1, use

Bamboo is an indispensable material for industrial and agricultural production, construction and furniture manufacturing. China's bamboo crafts enjoy a high reputation in the world. However, because bamboo is difficult to bond, the quantity and quality of bamboo products are seriously affected.

2, raw materials

(1) Formaldehyde: See U.S. and U.S. (U) Urea-formaldehyde resin binders. In this agent with other chemicals used as a binder. Use industrial products.

(2) Urotropine: See the third, middle (twenty) beriberi powder. Used as an adhesion aid in this agent. Use industrial products.

(3) Sodium hydroxide (5% solution): See I. Medium (Six) grease cleaning agent. Used as pH adjuster in this agent. Use industrial products.

(4) Ammonia: See I. (24) paint brush cleaners. The agent used as a curing agent in this agent. Use 25% ammonia.

(5) Ammonium chloride: See IV, X (14) Emulsion shampoo shampoo. The agent used as a curing agent in this agent. Use industrial products.

(6) Urea: See U.S.(9) Urea-formaldehyde resin binders. This agent is used as an adhesion aid. Use industrial products.

3, formula (weight parts)

Formaldehyde (37%) 372

Urotropine 4.1-5.2

Sodium hydroxide (5% solution)

Urea 145

Ammonia (25% solution) 40

Ammonium chloride 8

Water amount

4, the preparation method

The formaldehyde was placed in an enamel reaction pot. Urotropine was added and dissolved by stirring. 5% sodium hydroxide was added and the pH was adjusted to 7-7.2. Finally add 100 parts of urea, heat directly to 95°C with fire, keep stirring for 1 hour, then cool to 75°C, and adjust the pH of the solution to 7.0-7.2 with 5% sodium hydroxide. After dehydration at 75 DEG C for 3 hours, the temperature was raised to 90-95 DEG C, and the solution was concentrated until the solution became filamentous. The temperature was lowered to 50 DEG C, and the pH was adjusted to 7.0-7.2 with 5% sodium hydroxide, and the temperature was lowered to room temperature. Stir and discharge the main agent. Room temperature can be preserved for 1 to 2 years.

Another 40 parts of 25% aqueous ammonia and 8 parts of ammonium chloride were mixed and stirred to dissolve. Then, the remaining 45 parts of urea and about 50 parts of fresh water were added, and the mixture was stirred thoroughly to obtain a curing agent.

5, use method

When used, bamboo products need to be cleaned, smoothed and dried first. According to the weight ratio of adhesive main agent:curing agent=9:1, the two are well mixed to obtain adhesive. When using, spread the agent evenly on the surface of the clean and dry bamboo products that need to be bonded, and tie them with a string after bonding.

Bamboo adhesive technology