Bamboo and wood tea set how to maintain?
30 July 04

Specific maintenance methods are as follows:

1, the storage environment should be good

Bamboo and wood tea sets should be stored in a well-ventilated place and cannot be stored in a humid environment. Too moist environment will make tea utensils moldy and wormy.

2, to avoid drastic changes

In the process of using bamboo and wood tea sets, people should pay attention to avoid drastic changes in tea and tea in a short period of time. The rapid and sudden heat in a short time, it is easy to make bamboo tea teabreak phenomenon

3, regular sun exposure

Bamboo tea sets that are not used for a long time can be sun-baked when the weather is good, preventing mildew and insects, but avoid prolonged sunlight exposure, otherwise it is easy to deform.

4, timely cleaning

After using bamboo and wood tea sets, use clean water in time