Bamboo boards are your strengths
30 July 04

Many kinds of bamboo handicrafts in our daily life, including bamboo commodity, bamboo craft, bamboo furniture, bamboo decoration, etc, so what's bamboo crafts Board is it? Bamboo boards are your strengths? Bamboo crafts Board usually refers to the bamboo as the raw material for carving, painting and other handicrafts of artistic creation. Bamboo and wood crafts in General different, bamboo handicrafts by cooking dried, use a period far longer than wood products. Because of the tenacity of bamboo characteristics, has been praised by scholars since ancient times, bamboo crafts more popular than wood crafts, bamboo handicrafts are more loved by the people, its advantages are everywhere, advantages of bamboo plates as demonstrated by the following:

, Bamboo panels protect against rheumatoid arthritis. Bamboo crafts bamboo processing into automatically adjusts and maintains the temperature itself does not have a cool heat, warm in winter and cool in the summer and features.

Second, bamboo plate used in daily health vision. Bamboo panels bamboo texture has UV-absorbing function, color and elegant, soft and warm, good for human vision, can reduce the incidence of myopia.

Third, bamboo plate decorated with furniture to reduce noise. Because the bamboo plate itself with sound-absorbing, noise, reducing the sound pressure, shorten the time of residual sound function.

Four, in the midst of everyday bamboo Board has the function of avoiding allergic asthma. After through high temperature cooking, bleaching of bamboo, carbonized, get rid of all the nutrients in bamboo fiber, complete destruction of worms and bacteria living conditions, not have mildew can reduce asthma and allergies.

E, bamboo arts and Crafts Board of the nature of property. Bamboo and human beings are natural beings, and bamboo-woven without rules and rule changes, natural color bamboo wood, special textures, as the Song dynasty poet Su Dongpo "would rather eat no meat, not without bamboo." Natural bamboo plates are a symbol of elegance and valuable. Distribution of natural aromas, texture of bamboo in appearance, but also emits the sweet keen smell, the gas is beneficial to physical and mental health.