Bamboo bread slicer box cutter with cutting board
30 July 04

bamboo bread slicer.jpg

bamboo bread cutting board.jpg

CUT EVEN SLICES EVERY TIME Artisan rye bread, homemade loaves and loaf cakes taste delicious but often look like they’ve been attacked by a toddler after a few awkward slices have been cut. This bread slicer lets you cut even slices every time and is simple enough for anyone to use.

CHOOSE YOUR FAVOURITE: THICK OR THIN Cater to every preference with this one tool. The slice guides let you choose from 1/3", 3/8"and 1/2" slices, so you can quickly cut delicate sandwiches or thick doorstops.

HOLD AND STEADY THE LOAF The build quality of the  bamboo slicer is excellent. It's an improved, more stable model compared with the flimsy alternatives. The custom made dimensions (12x8.7x7.5in) will fit most loaves of bread or cake, narrow or wide. The guide helps you keep fingers clear while securing the loaf.

EASILY FOLDS FLAT FOR STORAGE Compact and easy to clean, the manual slicer won’t take up valuable kitchen space. Set up and tidy up is done in a handful of seconds. It’s ideal for quickly assembling packed lunches, sandwich platters and party food as well as day-to-day home use.

REDUCE CRUMBS AND MESS Clean, even slices reduce the crumbs and mess. The slicer itself is easy to clean – simply wipe with a damp cloth if needed after cutting cake or other sticky items.