Bamboo cutting board is good?
30 July 04

Bamboo cutting board, said bamboo cutting board, bamboo cutting board. It is a chopping board written on a cooktop to prevent damage when cutting vegetables, and a written chopping board. In the past, the cutting board was mainly made of wooden blocks and plastics, but due to the fact that it was easily worn out and the plastics were harmful, the cutting boards on the market were mostly made of bamboo.

Bamboo cutting board is good?Bamboo cutting board is good?


When cutting cooked food, many families are accustomed to using traditional wood cutting boards, and many young people prefer plastic cutting boards. In fact, the cooked food delivered to the mouth is the "path from the mouth into the mouth," the wood cutting board is prone to chipping, and the plastic cutting board is easy to breed bacteria. Nowadays, there are bamboo cutting boards on the market. It is not only light, smooth, but also antibacterial.

    "Compared to wooden cutting boards and plastic cutting boards, bamboo cutting boards are safer." According to experts, traditionally used wood cutting boards are not safe, such as cutting boards made of WPU, because they contain toxic substances. Using it to cut cooked food can contaminate dishes, which can easily cause vomiting, abdominal pain, dizziness and other symptoms. There are also relatively loose wood cutting boards, the surface is prone to knife marks, if not thoroughly clean, it is easy to filth, bacteria, food contamination. Although the plastic cutting board is beautiful and light, if it is not dried, the bacteria can easily reproduce and it is not suitable for cutting cooked food.

 The bamboo cutting board is treated with high temperature and high pressure and has the advantages of no cracking, no deformation, abrasion resistance, hardness, good toughness, etc., and is light, sanitary, and smells fresh. From the point of view of traditional Chinese medicine, bamboo is light and cold and has a certain role in inhibiting bacterial reproduction. When cutting cooked food, bamboo cutting board is an ideal choice.

Since the bamboo cutting board is so easy to use, there is no problem with cutting vegetables. The cutting board is still good for bamboo.

    Modern bamboo products cutting board, fashionable and fashionable appearance, smooth surface, comfortable touch, diverse shapes, rich style, elegant atmosphere, favored by users. With high hardness, good toughness and environmental protection, it has the advantages of natural materials, environmental protection, ability to adjust indoor humidity, absorb ultraviolet rays, antistatic, and beneficial to human health, and has a longer service life.