Bamboo cutting board manufacturing method
30 July 04


Chinese utility model patent No. 91241419.X discloses a bamboo cutting board, which is a long bamboo strip that is used to wrap a plurality of bamboo strips that are vertically oriented in the direction of the bamboo fiber and layer them together. The special universal press squeezes these individual bamboo pieces into a one-piece cylindrical shape, and then tightens it with a steel strip. As far as the manufacturing method provided by the patent is concerned, since individual bamboo pieces are wrapped around each other in layers, they can only be completed piece by piece by hand and it is impossible to form large-scale production. In addition, when the blank is subjected to strong pressure, since the blank is large and the volume is changed from large to small in the process of strong pressing, the string used for wrapping will naturally break, and 80% of the broken string will be generated when pressed. The direction of the thrust runs out of both ends, creating a horizontal intersection. Due to the fact that the purlins occupy a certain proportion and space, the product density cannot meet the requirements, and more products cannot be used. In addition, the method provided by the patent is to use a universal press to press a single product, and the extruded product is usually severely deformed and convex and concave, and the process cannot be completed.

The purpose of the present invention is to provide a bamboo cutting board manufacturing method which can not only form large-scale production but also ensure product quality.