Bamboo cutting board production process
30 July 04


1. Process the original bamboo into bamboo pieces and remove the bamboo knots from the bamboo pieces;

2. Cut bamboo pieces into equal length bamboo pieces;

3. Bundle the bamboo fragments into a cylindrical bundle of bamboo pieces. The bamboo pieces in the bundle are arranged vertically in the fiber direction.

4, the bamboo phase into the kettle, with food wax liquid flooded bamboo bundles, heated under normal pressure 1.5 ~ 7.5 hours; wax cooking kettle wax temperature is 160 ~ 180 °C; When the wax is completed, the moisture content of bamboo fragments in the bamboo phase is 3% to 8%;

5. The bundle of bamboo pieces is taken out from the liquid. When the bundle of bamboo pieces is not cooled, it is subjected to extrusion processing. During the extrusion processing, a pressure machine is used to press the bundle of bamboo pieces into a conical mold with a circular table shape in the inner cavity. The inner cavity is a cylindrical openable mold. During the press-in process, the bundle of bamboo pieces axially enters the large-diameter end of the conical mold and enters the openable mold through the bore diameter end of the conical mold. The conical mold The inner diameter of the bowl end is the same as the inner diameter of the openable mold; before the bamboo bunch is pressed in, the fastening ring is embedded in the periphery of the inner cavity of the openable mold in advance, and the bamboo bundle is pressed after being pressed by the conical mold. Into the mold can be opened, that is naturally nested in the tight circle, forming a tight bond between the bamboo, and tightened by the fastening ring products;

6, open can open the mold, remove the above products.