Bamboo cutting board, wooden cutting board which one is better?
30 July 04

In fact, both bamboo cutting boards and wooden cutting boards have their own advantages and disadvantages. Users can choose according to the requirements.

Bamboo cutting board: it is not easy to crack or slagging; Easy to clean, dirt will not be stuck in the gap; It is easy to dry, so there is no mildew and peculiar smell. However, the bamboo cutting board is made by joining together, so it is not hard to blow and the meat is easily damaged.


The bamboo cutting boards

Wood chopping board: because the material is thick and tough, it is suitable for chopping meat and chopping bone. However, wood chopping board has a lot of shortcomings, it is easy to use wood slag, if eaten into the body, long-term consumption is harmful to human health; Permanent accumulation of dirt, breeding bacteria, not easy to clean; Water absorption is strong, it is not easy to dry, so it is often moldy, eating into the food that contains mold is also easy to cause intestinal diseases.


Maintenance method of bamboo cutting board.

1. For the first time, the bamboo cutting board shall be used for the first time. First, rinse with water and then apply the cooking oil to the surface of the bamboo cutting board after drying. After the oil is absorbed, it can be used normally. Remember, do not immerse in water!

2. If used frequently, you can buy two cutting boards, and separate the raw and cooked meat to reduce the cross-breeding of food bacteria.

3. After each use of the bamboo cutting board, it should be cleaned and dried, placed on top of the cutting board and placed in a dry and ventilated place.


4. The bamboo cutting board should not be exposed to the sun, cooked or soaked in water for a long time, and should not be placed in the sterilizing cabinet for high temperature sterilization; Also, don't use the dishwasher.

5. Apply a layer of cooking oil on the surface of the bamboo chopping board regularly to nourish the bamboo fiber, which will last longer.

6. After long term use, the bamboo cutting board is mixed with fishy smell, which can be washed with lemon and coarse salt.

7. In view of the dry and wet difference between the north and the south, it is recommended to keep the bamboo chopping board in the north as far as possible to prevent cracking; The south USES bamboo chopping board as far as possible to keep dry, in order to avoid mildew;

8. The bamboo chopping board has processed too rich food, and it is suggested to use hot water to continuously brush and wash to quickly remove oil. Do not use pot brush.

9, if mildew spot bamboo cutting boards, white vinegar by 1:2 to blending ratio, can be to boil, it is used to soak mildew, or direct the mildew spot, after dried and then coated with a layer of oil.