Bamboo decorative board finishes what?
30 July 04

Decorative bamboo decorative plate with bamboo walls and round rice Orange bamboo skin that several mainstream material, bamboo wall panel and we can call it the bamboo, bamboo is ~ kinds of artificial bamboo Board. Finishing production of bamboo decorative Board

De Shan winter craft by a v-chip finishing after planing of bamboo strips (six-sided planers, six strips of sand-5U) glued to suppress (, unit is hot) and w. timber with excellent rhythm of physical and mechanical

And has a shy small expansion coefficient of water absorption, high strength, high stability and toughness, no crack, no small point-shaped and so on.

Natural bamboo bamboo skin which is the thickness of foam cut to thin. glued to the plywood surface, and then pressing a for interior decoration or furniture surface material. Architectural decoration

Used mainly in surface layer. bamboo decorative veneer advantages and value has the following advantages:

A. soft dry with hot stick technology, high bonding strength

B, color contacts, with wood effect

C. not easy to crack, bubble. Trap glue

D. use and long service life.