Bamboo dyeing process-Environment friendly acid dye
30 July 04

2. Environment-friendly acid dye

(1) Red, Orange, Yellow Acid Dyes The red acid dyes that have been developed in acid environment-friendly dyes are: CI Acid Red 37, CI Acid Red 89 (Weak Acid Red 3B, 2BS), CI Acid Red 145 (Weak Acid Glow GL ) Wait. The C.I. Acid Red 336 and C.I. Acid Red 361 are all important varieties of the red spectrum. Orange acid dyes are: C.I. Acid Orange 67 (Weak Acid Yellow RXL), C.I. Acid Orange 116 (Acid Orange AGT), C.I. Acid Orange 156 (Weak Orange 3G). Yellow acid dyes mainly include: C.I. Acid Yellow 42 (weakly acidic yellow Rs, Acid Yellow R) and C.I. Acid Yellow 49 (acid Yellow GR200).

(2) Blue, green, and purple acid dyes The blue spectrum of eco-friendly acid dyes is mostly bromine derivatives, and there are many new blue varieties such as CI Acid Blue 277, CI Acid Blue 344, CI Acid Blue 350, CI Acid. Blue 9 (brilliant blue FCF) and so on. Green acid dyes are quinoid types, and new products that have been developed in China include C.I. Green 17, C.I. Acid Green 28, C.I. Acid Green 41, C.I. Acid Green 81 and so on. The purple ones mainly include C.I. Acid Violet 17 (Acid Violet 4BNS), C.I. Acid Violet 54 (Weak Acid Brilliant Red 10B), and C.I. Acid Violet 48.

(3) Brown and black acid dyes There are also many new brown acid dyes. The most important ones are C.I. Acid Brown 75, C.I. Acid Brown 98, C.I. Acid Brown 165, C.I. Acid Brown 348, C.I. Acid Brown 349 and so on. The black varieties are mainly C.I. Acid Black 26, C.I. Acid Black 63, C.I. Acid Black 172, C.I. Acid Black 194, C.I. Acid Black

210, C.I. Acid Black 234, C.I. Acid Black 235, C.I. Acid Black 242 and the like.