Bamboo dyeing process- Environment friendly vat dyes
30 July 04

6. Environment-friendly vat dyes

The vat dyes do not contain azo dyes that will cleave under certain conditions to produce 22 carcinogenic aromatic amines. They are not allergenic dyes, carcinogenic dyes, and acute toxic dyes. They do not contain environmental hormones, and they have low colorimetry when used. They are banned. A substitute for dyes. However, from the analysis of environmental and ecological protection requirements, there are many vat dye manufacturing steps and the synthesis reaction is complicated. Sometimes organic halides such as polychlorinated benzene are used as solvents and heavy metals and their derivatives are used as catalysts. Therefore, their environmental and ecological pollution has always been Concerns.

BASF's Indanthren Colloisol dyes, Ciba Refine's Cibanone MD dyes, Bezema's Benzathren micro dyes and Mitsui-BASF's Mikethrene s/f dyes have all met the requirements of environmentally friendly dyes.

Shanghai dye company's SM-type vat dyes do not contain banned dyes, but the content of extractable heavy metals is below the limit, they do not contain environmental hormones, they do not contain chemical substances that pollute the environment, and they are also environmentally friendly alternatives to banned dyes. Reducing dyes.