Bamboo dyeing process-Environmentally friendly reactive dyes
30 July 04

4. Environmentally-friendly reactive dyes

(1) Environmentally-friendly reactive dyes with high fixation rates At present, the domestic reactive dyes with a high fixation rate are KE-type, ME-type, and B-type. The foreign reactive dyes include Procion H-EXL, Sumifix Supra, Basilen Fm, and C Ibacron Type C. The fixation rate of these new reactive dyes is more than 80%, and the leveling and diffusion properties are very good. They are not affected by changes in the bath ratio, temperature, and salt content, and have good cleaning properties because of a suitable rate of one-time exhaustion. , Has excellent light fastness and perspiration fastness.

(2) Low-salt-stained and environment-friendly reactive dyes During the dyeing of reactive dyes, inorganic salts are often used as accelerants to apply to dyeing liquors, high-salinity wastewater, destroying the ecological environment of water, and contributing to crops and humans. serious threat. Sumitomo Corporation uses environmentally-friendly dyestuffs such as Sumifix Supra NF and E-XF. The amount of salt used is 60% of common dyes. Cibacron LS dyes from Cibacron have a high affinity for fibers, good dye solubility, and high keying fastness. , The use of salt is low, only 1/3~1/2 of the general reactive dyes, the dyeing rate is above 90%, the fixing rate is 80%; Kayacion E-CM dye, Kayacion E-MS developed by Nippon Kayaku Co., Ltd. Dyes, Kayacion E-S133 dyes, Devastar's Levafix EA, Levafix ES, and Levafix OS dyes all have low-salt dyeing capabilities. The dyes have good solubility, good levelness, and low salt content. They are environmentally friendly. New products.

(3) Environmentally-friendly reactive dyes that do not contain heavy metals and do not contain organic halogenated compounds. Such reactive dyes mainly include Ciba-cron Black CNN, Black W-NN, Black C-2R, Black LS-N, and domestically-made active dyes. Black KN-GZGC133 (particle material) and other black reactive dyes.

(4) Environmental Friendly Reactive Dyes for Improved Fastness These dyes include Cibacron Light Dyestuffs, Sumifix Supra HF and NF Series Dyes, Kayacion E-LE, and AP Dyes for Printing. Their perspiration and light fastnesses have been achieved. 3 to 4 and above.