Bamboo furniture health and environmental factors
30 July 04

Bamboo is now an important material of interior decorating and home renovation, whether it's furniture or office furniture, bamboo furniture will become the future mainstay of our furniture in this market, development and utilization of bamboo furniture Board furniture has a vast market, basic in bamboo itself is low-carbon, environmentally friendly, natural properties.

1, the bamboo itself is natural and harmless. Products in the production of bamboo when you need to use some content of formaldehyde adhesive, but because the adhesive quantity is small, existing production and processing technology, can ensure that the formaldehyde volatilization control without affecting any living creature within a healthy range.

2, the development and use of bamboo furniture, will improve the bamboo farm, love bamboo, grows bamboo initiative, further promote bamboo artificial cultivation area expansion and increase in the production of bamboo for the benefit of mankind, and soil and water conservation, regulating the climate, maintaining natural ecological cycle.

3, the source material is natural bamboo furniture products, can also be free soon degrade under natural conditions, without secondary pollution. Bamboo furniture plate instead of plastic products, porcelain products, glass fiber products, avoiding secondary pollution has a very important environmental values.