Bamboo furniture workmanship
30 July 04

Office furniture is divided into solid wood furniture, panel furniture, sticker board furniture, melamine board furniture, and mixed category furniture consisting of two or more of the above categories.

bamboo furniture.jpg

1, solid wood office furniture technology

Namely in the particleboard or MDF board made of natural wood veneer furniture, steel office furniture, steel office furniture leather, furniture produced by this process is the steel office furniture leather furniture. The advantage is that the surface and real steel office furniture as beautiful, natural texture; the disadvantage is that the environmental performance is slightly worse than real steel office furniture.

2, melamine process

Melamine process is in the sheet surface, after high temperature and pressure, covering a layer of melamine surface. After this process of plate furniture, the surface is smooth, wear-resistant, heat-resistant, fireproof, furniture can maintain its own material color; disadvantage is inferior products environmental compliance, sealing edge is not good there will be cracking, can not change color.