Bamboo keyboard who invented?
30 July 04


A bamboo and wood enterprise in Tonggu County, Jiangxi Province has made the world’s first “bamboo keyboard” and “bamboo mouse”. The bamboo keyboard has a small percussion sound, which is naturally constant and can avoid static electricity. The biggest selling point is environmental protection. Many white-collar workers like it very much, and they have become popular in some big cities. Environmental protection does not pollute the air.

Feng Xuquan, the general manager of the company who completed this invention, introduced that the production process of bamboo keyboards requires exquisite work. It requires more than 40 items such as bamboo modified hot pressing, bamboo flat pressing, sculpture engraving, and conductive film assembly. The process, the final realization of the keyboard frame, bottom plate, button to replace the traditional plastic keyboard bamboo material. Feng Xuquan said that after three years of technical research, they developed the "bamboo keyboard." The bamboo keyboard has a small percussion sound and is naturally heated to avoid static electricity, which helps to extend the service life of the electronic components of the keyboard. This technological innovation has rewritten the history that the keyboard has been using plastic as raw material.