Bamboo kitchen utensils 4- bamboo storage utensils
30 July 04

There are a lot of items in the kitchen. Many of them are fragile, and they are shelved. Not only are they fragile but also dirty. This makes the importance of storage supplies. There are many kinds of storage supplies, tableware, cooking utensils, food and other storage supplies. What are the advantages of bamboo storage equipment and what are the common bamboo storage products?

Advantages of bamboo storage utensils: Bamboo storage utensils are made of a piece of bamboo aggregate or a single piece of gluing. They have excellent physical and mechanical properties, and have the advantages of small water swelling coefficient, no cracking and no deformation.

Common bamboo storage uses: bamboo kitchen racks, knife racks, kitchen storage racks, bamboo cupboards, bamboo bowl racks, bamboo baskets and so on.