Bamboo knife block product anti-mildew method
30 July 04

There are many ways to prevent mold from bamboo knife holders. You can operate according to your own situation.


1. Bamboo knife block product anti-mildew method:

(1) The tool holder is kept dry and used frequently. The water dropped by the cutter can flow out of the holder.

(2) If it is a factory, you may choose to put a mold or desiccant in the knife box or shrink film while packing, and protect the knife seat from mildew.

(3) When producing bamboo knife base products, smear it with edible oil once and add some anti-mold agent to the applied vegetable oil.

(4) Immerse bamboo raw materials or bamboo knife bases with wood mold inhibitors.

Note: When using wood mold inhibitors, choose environmentally friendly and safe anti-mold agents that do not endanger people's health.


2. Causes of moldy bamboo cutters

(1) The bamboo knife holder itself has a lot of bamboo fiber, which can provide nutrition to mold.

(2) Bamboo itself has the ability to absorb moisture, and dry bamboo can easily absorb the moisture in the air, providing the growth humidity.

(3) If the bamboo products do not crack, they will retain a certain amount of moisture, providing the mold with a suitable growth humidity.

(4) The bamboo fiber itself contains bamboo shoots, but the antibacterial effect is weak, and the growth of mold cannot be suppressed.

(5) Bamboo itself contains fungus fungal sources, and mold spores in the environment can also provide bacterial sources for bamboo knife holders.

Summary: The bamboo knife holder mold proof method is the same as many bamboo product mold proofing, the only difference is that the knife holder is more environmentally friendly and safer. This product is directly in contact with food.