Bamboo plates which technology innovations and advantages
30 July 04

With the development of social productive forces, science and technology, the rapid development of science and technology today, bamboo plate through modern science and technology innovation, improve and enhance the external characteristics and physical-mechanical properties of bamboo materials, bamboo is widely used. Application of bamboo in China has thousands of applications, in lasting weight played a role in social production and daily life, accumulated the deep bamboo culture.

"Bamboo wood" has gradually become a new topic for study and practice of building decoration industry. 16 at the Shanghai World Expo venue décor using bamboo, especially in modern Italy Milan furniture and design institutes internationally renowned institutions, such as widely used, all the benefits of bamboo wood bamboo plates, played a good display effect, highlighting the "bamboo wood" this cultural creative property in green tides, fashion and cultural creativity of great charm. Use of bamboo materials in the field of construction and decoration, is the need of building interiors innovation and transformation.

The advantages of bamboo sheets:

Bamboo plate 1, color-rich, handsome casual: rich colors, available March, straight, blocks, lines, surfaces of arbitrary shape, can fully meet the designer imagination and creative play. Bamboo plate color into color: carbonation, color, size, Zebra print color.

2, bamboo sheets are very versatile: can be used in all kinds of gardening, leisure and entertainment, commercial exhibition space and luxury cottage indoor and outdoor walls, top shape and the use of the ground floor.

Bamboo plate 3, long service life: service life of up to 20 years.

4, comfortable, natural bamboo plates: with wood and inherent natural affinity and the appearance of the wood texture.

5, environmental health: pollution-free, pollution-free. Products do not contain benzene, formaldehyde content lower than top European EO standard environmental protection standards.