Bamboo products production technology and promotion methods urgently need innovation
30 July 04

The bamboo products industry urgently needs innovation in product development and marketing, innovation, bamboo products will be more market, innovation is a company's driving force for development and vitality, bamboo products companies can only increase product development and innovation of bamboo products Meet the needs of various markets. At present, bamboo products occupy a certain market in various industries in China. From daily life, stationery, decoration materials, pipelines, and arts and crafts, the application of bamboo products in various industries has been gradually promoted, but compared to various industry traditions. The market share of the product materials and the market share of bamboo products still have a large space for development.

According to relevant market surveys, at present, China's bamboo products are slightly less in product variety and design than other materials. Although after several years of development, the rate of refurbishment of bamboo products has been rapid, and there are more and more bamboo products used in various industries, but it is still unable to meet the growing demand of customers. The manufacturing process of bamboo products has not been fully demonstrated due to the shortage of technical heritage. The production of some fine arts and crafts used for collection is still hand-knitted by some older masters, so it is even more difficult to promote in this area. Therefore, the innovation of bamboo products production technology and promotion methods is extremely critical for bamboo products to occupy a larger market.

When consumers choose bamboo products, they always hope to face more choices instead of measuring and judging in the only two or three bamboo products of the same type. Sometimes more choices will often result in greater sales, because consumers will buy all of their favorite products without knowing how to choose. Therefore, the innovation of style and style of bamboo products can help to form a larger sales volume, thereby satisfying the needs of different customers and occupying a larger market. The shape and variety of bamboo products must be characterized by innovations, and should be distinguished from other materials of the same type in order to attract the attention of consumers.