Bamboo spatula or metal spatula, how to choose?
30 July 04

Some time ago while walking around the mall, he walked through the kitchen products bar and looked at various creative kitchen supplies. He had to lament that the current kitchen utensils are a bit of art. It is no wonder that contemporary young people are happy to enjoy artistic life in all aspects and are good at discovering the art of life. This allows many companies to easily “capture” young consumers by virtue of their artistically pleasing design style, but often compromises material and health standards. "Sick from the mouth into" kitchen supplies really have to choose carefully! When pursuing its styling and color, it must first consider whether it poses a threat to health. For example, in the selection of spatula, bowls, chopsticks, cutting boards, etc., these direct contact with food utensils, the following and everyone to talk about spat shovel those things.


In general, the spatula is mainly made of metal and bamboo. Subjectively speaking, it is better to use metal than wood, but in fact it is better to use a wooden spatula than a metal spatula and it is healthy. Although the iron-made patients can supplement iron to different degrees, iron-based spatula does not easily rust for a long time; in high-temperature environments, metal products can produce harmful substances, especially stainless steel products. Although stainless steel products do not rust, stainless steel is an alloy product. Alloys are added to the metal elements during production. In a heated environment, a toxic substance is produced as the temperature increases, which is why Most people don't like cooking rice with stainless steel. It is suggested that the spatula is still made of bamboo and wood, and the principle of regular replacement is the same as that of replacing the toothbrush with the towel every three months.


Bamboo and wood are environmentally-friendly products that do not contain metals and are soft and have little damage to the pot. Compared with bamboo shovels and wooden shovels, although wooden cutlery is made from natural materials, many consumers believe that the wooden cutlery bought will have a strong woody taste. The biggest problem is that it is not easy to clean and it is easy to grow bacteria and mold even when it is in a humid state for a long time. The bamboo scoop is much better than the bamboo scoop, and it is a new type of biodegradable, environmentally-friendly kitchen utensil that is made of bamboo fiber as a material and used a temperature-pressure molding process. Bamboo-plastic tableware kitchenware can replace general plastics to achieve green environmental protection and sustainable development. It is non-toxic and harmless, easy to clean, it is not easy to breed bacteria, it is environmentally friendly, it will not be deformed in high temperatures, and the price is very close to the people.

In summary, bamboo kitchenware is the first choice and is the best choice. In addition, consumers should be reminded that regardless of the type of kitchen utensils they choose to use, they must be promptly cleaned after use and hung to a ventilated place.