Bamboo spoon making process
30 July 04

Compared with conventional iron spoons and aluminum spoons, bamboo spoons have the characteristics of non-thermal conduction, light weight, and good hand feeling. Therefore, they are more comfortable and convenient to use. Let's look at DIY spoons that are easy to use.


Tools and materials: One hacksaw, one drill, ten centimeters of bamboo and one bundle.

Of course, we will talk about the more convenient long bamboo spoons today.

Find a bamboo with a large wrist and saw a part of it cut off. Note that this cut can not be completely open, and only one mouth is open.

Using a hacksaw, a small piece of the upper saw saw off three-quarters of the area of the circular cross-section, and gauze the edge of the sawn wire with a gauze. Drilled a hole in the just sawed part with an electric drill. The hole was better than that. The line is big, use the rope to go through that hole, wear a few more times and hit a knot.

The entire process should pay attention to: bamboo sawing off the area can not be too large.

In this way, a bamboo spoon that is easy to use is self-produced. How is it? Is it simple? Do you want to try it yourself?