Bamboo wooden cutting board smear this, no moldy, no cracking!
30 July 04

Bamboo wood cutting board is the most prone to mold for a long time.

Cutting vegetables with it every day is equivalent to swallowing bacteria.

The newly bought cutting board must do this step.

Guaranteed durable and clean!

Cutting board maintenance

Ordinary family common cutting board, mainly wood and bamboo, care is basically the same, is the use of oil and plastic wrap!


Cut the cling film first, spread it on the table, pour a small amount of cooking oil, wipe the oil, and put a clean and dry wooden cutting board.

Then pour a few drops of oil on the front side of the cutting board, wrap the whole board with plastic wrap, and gently press it so that the front and back sides of the cutting board are immersed in grease.

In order to allow fats and fats to be absorbed by the cutting board faster, the hair dryer can be blown back and forth several times to accelerate the penetration and drying of the oil. If time permits, it can be wrapped for a while, so that the cooking oil can naturally dry better. Finally, remove the plastic wrap, rinse the dishes with clean water, and air dry.


Wood wrapped by oil, not only make it more sturdy, not easy to dry cracking, not to mold mildew bacteria. The wood cutting board can be cured every three months to extend its service life.