China Top Ten Bamboo Township
30 July 04

Bamboo resources are an important component of forest resources in tropical and subtropical regions, and are a renewable resource and a sustainable resource. Bamboo is characterized by its fast growth, strong reproductive ability, high yield, easy updating, wide adaptability, and versatile use. Once a successful afforestation, it can be used every year for long-term benefit. And the whole body of bamboo is a treasure that can be used for comprehensive development and utilization. Therefore, the development, protection, and reasonable processing and utilization of bamboo resources are becoming more and more important.


China Top Ten Bamboo Township

Zhejiang Anji

Jianye, Fujian

Jiangxi Chongyi

Jiangxi Yifeng

Hunan Huitong

Taojiang, Hunan

Anhui Guangde

Guizhou Chishui

Guangning, Guangdong

Shunchang, Fujian

Zhejiang Lin'an