Common knowledge of bamboo
30 July 04

Bamboo is one of the most primitive of the grasses, which is also the most diverse of the grasses, and it's based on wood stalk, a composite branch, a rich root system and very few flowers that are very different from other plants in the same family. 

It can grow several naturally shape, fully developed and put into use bamboo stalks every year. A bamboo plant can produce a bamboo stalk of up to 15 kilometers (30 cm in diameter) in a lifetime.


The latitude of bamboo in the earth's latitude is 46 degrees north -- 47 degrees south, including vast areas of tropical and subtropical regions. 

It can grow up to 4,000 meters above sea level, mainly in the Himalayas and parts of China. Bamboo is highly adaptable, with leaves and evergreen. At present, research on the taxonomic study of bamboo is still backward, and it is generally believed that the bamboo has 60 - to 90 genera, 1100-1500 kinds.

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Bamboo is widely grown in Asia, Africa, the Caribbean and Latin America, and enjoys a high reputation in these regions. 

In India, bamboo is known as "the wood of the poor", and in China it is described as "a friend of mankind" and the Vietnamese people affectionately refer to it as "brothers". 

Tens of thousands of people make a living with bamboo. As an important part of human history and social culture, the "bamboo era" will have a long history.