Creativity makes bamboo have infinite possibilities
30 July 04


When I was a child, bamboo was a common species in life. Many things were made of bamboo in the house. Of course, it was not a direct bamboo, but a craftsman. The bamboo products were still every family ten years ago. Essential things. Large pressure tanks for women to marry, small poles for crossing rivers, baskets for fishing, baskets, baskets, and meals for fish, summer mats and fans, and literati. Tea ceremony equipment, fan bones, bird cages and so on. Both are related to bamboo. Bamboo is closely related to people's lives, and the design also has a close relationship with bamboo knots, forming a rich and colorful bamboo culture.


Nowadays, bamboo has become a part of us. Bamboo products that are everywhere are used in various products.


Bamboo cutting board


Bamboo dish holder


Bamboo cover