Cut cooked food is best to use bamboo cutting board
30 July 04

When cutting cooked food, many families are accustomed to using traditional wood cutting boards, and many young people prefer plastic cutting boards. In fact, the cooked food delivered to the mouth is the “sick from mouth” entrance. Wooden cutting boards are prone to chipping, while plastic cutting boards grow bacteria. Nowadays, there are bamboo cutting boards on the market. It is not only light, smooth, but also antibacterial. The following cutting board wholesalers will give you relevant knowledge.

    Because the bamboo cutting board is treated with high temperature and high pressure, it has the advantages of no cracking, no deformation, abrasion resistance, hardness, good toughness, etc., and it is light, sanitary and smelly. From the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, bamboo is light and cold and has a certain degree of inhibition of bacterial reproduction. Therefore, when cutting cooked food, bamboo cutting board is an ideal choice.

    However, when buying bamboo cutting board, do not buy the kind of color is particularly white, it is best to smell the smell of the cutting board, if there is a sour acid taste, it is likely to be fumigated with sulphur, or glued , and the adhesive glue contains harmful substances. It is best to choose glue-free glue, that is, to adopt bamboo cutting board reinforced with bolt fastening process or bamboo stick connection.

bamboo cutting board (10).jpg