Decodyne premium sausage & salami guillotine slicer – rustic wooden design & sharp stainless teel...
30 July 04

Wood sausage slicer 5.jpgwood sausage slicer 6.jpg

TURN SALAMI SLICING INTO AN ART with our premium wooden salami and sausage slicer, which is here to help you cut all your dried meat delicacies with surgical precision and impress all your meat-loving friends.

THE SAFEST, EASIEST & MOST FUN WAY TO SLICE CHORIZO is here! Now you don’t have to struggle with dangerous knives anymore. The non-skid feet combined with the extra sharp stainless steel blade will make slicing your pepperoni a breeze.

JUST LIKE THEY DO IT IN THE ITALIAN COUNTRYSIDE! The rustic wooden design combined with the incredible handmade craftsmanship will help you add a touch of vintage luxury into an otherwise mundane task.

LOOKING FOR THE PERFECT GIFT IDEA? All your meat-loving friends will love to receive this professional, ergonomic and reliable salami and sausage cutter, which will help them enjoy their dried sausages or loukaniko like never before.