Did you know that cutting cooked food is best use bamboo cutting board?
30 July 04

The family who likes to cook naturally can not afford all kinds of kitchen utensils. Take the essential cutting board as an example, its choice is also particular. A bamboo cutting board, first talk about its material, which uses the most primitive material of bamboo, is also the closest material to nature. The essence of its return to nature has been favored by the home and restaurant industries, and it has become a popular fashion in recent years. Bamboo kitchen utensils are natural and safe, and they are also the favorite of many people who respect quality and style. Of course, some people are skeptical that it is easy to breed bacteria. In fact, this is a misunderstanding!

Did you know that cutting cooked food is best use bamboo cutting board?

Many families are accustomed to using traditional wooden cutting boards. When they cut cooked food, many young people prefer plastic cutting boards. In fact, the cooked food delivered to the mouth is a "sick from mouth" entrance. Wooden cutting boards are prone to chipping and mildew, while plastic cutting boards grow bacteria. But now, there are bamboo cutting boards on the market. Bamboo is used as raw material. It is not only environmentally friendly, light, clean, easy to clean, but also antibacterial.


Ordinary consumers believe that bamboo and wood cutting boards are very safe and healthy. In actual fact, traditional wooden cutting boards used in wood cutting boards are not safe. For example, cutting boards made of WPU have been used because they contain toxic substances. It cut cooked food will pollute the dishes, easily cause vomiting, abdominal pain, dizziness and other symptoms. There are also relatively loose wood cutting boards, the surface is prone to knife marks, if not thoroughly clean, it is easy to filth, bacteria, food contamination. Although the plastic cutting board is beautiful and light, if it is not dried, the bacteria can easily reproduce and it is not suitable for cutting cooked food. The bamboo cutting board is treated with high temperature and high pressure and has the advantages of no cracking, no deformation, abrasion resistance, hardness, good toughness, etc., and is light, sanitary, and smells fresh. From the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, bamboo is light and cold and has a certain degree of inhibition of bacterial reproduction. Bamboo cutting boards are safer than wood cutting boards and plastic cutting boards.