Disinfection of cutting board can cause poisoning
30 July 04

Disinfection of cutting board can cause poisoning

In general, there are many bacteria on the cutting board where we cut vegetables. Many people choose to disinfect dishes in order to clean the cutting board. However, if it is not properly sterilized, it will cause poisoning. The following cutting board manufacturers will explain why the disinfection of the cutting board will cause poisoning.

     If the cutting board and cutter are plastic, they can be disinfected by chemical disinfection and immersion. Before soaking, first use the tap water to dilute the disinfectant to the use concentration. Under normal circumstances, you can not directly soak the metal cutting tools and other metal products with the chlorine-free disinfectant. However, it must be remembered that after the soaking and disinfecting treatment, the residual disinfectant on the items must be rinsed with water to avoid being taken to the food.

     If we disinfect it a lot, it will cause residual disinfectant if we do not pay attention. Once it is left, this is very bad for us. We must remember it.