Do you know bamboo fiber cutlery?
30 July 04

Do not know when to start feeding baby food in the parents, the baby likes to grab food and grab other things by hand, or always want to take their own cutlery, in fact, these are the early signals that the baby wants to eat independently. Bao Baobao mothers can combine their own baby's behavior, give the baby a set of utensils suitable for baby's grasp, and seize the golden age of independent baby dinner!

bamboo fiber cutlery.jpg

  With the improvement of living conditions, environmental protection tableware is increasingly favored by domestic consumers. Bamboo fiber tableware has a high degree of environmental protection performance and safety, and it has gradually entered the vision of the people, and the market is very large.

  Bamboo fiber cutlery is a new type of environmentally-friendly homeware, dining, and living tableware developed in recent years. Bamboo fiber cutlery raw materials in the narrow sense use only bamboo powder, starch, or vegetable gum. It does not contain any plasticizers or chemical preparations and can be completely degraded. , Contains no harmful substances to the human body, rapidly gaining favor from developed countries such as Europe, America, Japan and South Korea. Currently, domestically produced bamboo fiber cutlery mainly passes through export channels, and few people in China know or contact.

  Inappropriate selection of material for infants and children's tableware will bring potential, long-term irreversible damage to children. An eco-friendly bamboo fiber children's tableware transforms bamboo into a plate, so that the baby comes from nature, to nature.

  The traditional stainless steel cutlery, stainless steel will be free of heavy metals, can cause baby kidney failure. Inferior plastic tableware, bisphenol A and chemical additives can cause cancer. The bamboo fiber cutlery, natural bamboo fiber material from the degradation of bamboo, cereals, corn and other natural plant material processing, does not contain harmful substances such as heavy metals, health and environmental protection, high-density technology, the surface does not produce gaps, no bacteria.