Expendable wood drawer dividers eco friendly made of organic bamboo
30 July 04

wood drawer divider.jpg

EXPANDABLE AND ADJUSTABLE DRAWER DIVIDERS KIT. – Two spring loaded drawer dividers are simple to install and fit in kitchen drawers 17 to 22.3 inches long. Horizontal dividers measure 6 inches long. and the fact that they are adjustable for almost any drawer they can be used in drawers with various drawer depths.

IMPORTANT TO MEASURE THE WIDTH AND DEPTH OF YOUR DRAWER - high quality and adjusts to fit most any drawer. Pay attention to the dimensions as they are thick and long so won't work in small drawers, Great for our larger, storage drawers.

CUSTOMIZE YOUR KITCHEN DRAWER PERFECTLY -This 8 piece drawer organizer set includes 4 long dividers with 4 small dividers to customize your kitchen drawer perfectly.

PERFECT SOLUTION EASY TO INSTALL - The dividers contain a tension spring. Tension springs make a perfect fit to drawers. it would easily be adjustable for a standard drawer Worked great in large drawers. No tools Easy to Install

ECO FRIENDLY AND EXTRA STURDY - Made from high quality 100% bamboo, eco-friendly and sustainable resource. They are sturdy and constructed well Plus they look great, matching the drawer's interior. your utensil drawer is now nicely organized and a pleasure to use