Five Things Your Kitchen Really Needs
30 July 04

I recently wrote something that the kitchen really didn't need, but am I kidding me? For us Americans, the real joy is talking about what we need. If you are reading this article, you already know that you need a good knife, but why stop there? If you want to cook and clean up more fun, here are five more things your kitchen needs.

1. More is less unless you need more. And you may need more measuring cups, measuring spoons and small molds, knives and spatulas and filters. These are the dirty things when you need them. If you are baking, you need to measure many things even before you start. If you are cooking, you want to grab what you need when you need it. So be prepared. There are at least two sets of dry and liquid measuring cups and two sets of measuring spoons. Hang them on hooks so that they don't appear. Keep a large number of shovels and whis, so that when you need it, you don't have to look through drawers and dirty dishes. Once you get rid of excess kitchen waste, you won't use it, you will have space for these things you really use.

Five Things Your Kitchen Really Needs

2. Cutting board Note a plural. This is a kitchen category worth your own. Most people have a chopping board in one place in the kitchen. That is effective. But it is better to be able to cut off something when and where it is needed. The thick planks on either side of the stove will serve you better than smooth granite on any given day. You can chop your ingredients while cooking. The cutting board on each counter or the cutting board hanging on the wall above each counter will increase your efficiency and make it easy for others to join you. It helps to separate multiple dishes that you might be cooking at the same time. Chopping boards can be expensive, but there are all sorts of things so start with what you can; just make sure you have at least one very good and spacious room.

Five Things Your Kitchen Really Needs

3.Stations professional kitchens have them and you should, even if it's just a corner, bake something and a plate of oil on the stove. Put the blender, mixing bowl, measuring cup and spoon, flour, sugar, baking powder and vanilla in one place - your baking station. If you don't need anything, because it's already there and waiting for you to start, you'll find that putting a cake or a pot of muffins together is easier and easier to clean up when you want it. Create your own mise en place (French for "Place" and "Gourmet" as "By showing we have enough sense to let us behave in our startup range of six burners and have it"). Place a small dish of oil, soy sauce, vinegar, or anything that doesn't need to be refrigerated by the stove, and you often use it spontaneously. Put a bowl of salt, a pepper mill, and some garlic. Place them where you need them when you need them. Don't overcrowd it; if it's not something you use regularly, put it in a cabinet or on a shelf. However, you can use condiments and spices on a regular basis within reach of your arm, and you can place ingredients in it so that you can make any ingredients in small pieces, bowls or small piles next to you.


4. Dumpsters Your cupboard is packed with boxes and garbage bags. This is a waste of space. Get a decent, clear container that can be stacked side-by-side on your counter, shelf, and cabinet. Do not limit them to flour and sugar; used to make pasta, beans, rice, cereals, fruits and nuts. You can see what you have and what you need at a glance. There will not be so many strangely shaped boxes and boxes that take up space and it will look better. Just make sure they are easy to open and close, lick or dump. If you are bankrupt, buy your food with big jars and use them.

5. Quality Tools Read reviews. Even if 99% of reviewers give a five-star review, one-star reviews can be read. Not only suitable for home appliances, but also for small things such as pliers, measuring spoons and abrasive particles. Get the best you can afford and meet your needs, not a professional chef unless you are one. When you upgrade, pass another one to someone who likes it. This is a good karma and maintains chaotic control.

These are just five things to get you started, but building a kitchen can be like a cracking habit; the first salad spinner is so cheap, before you know, you are thinking about a $200 jar and a $2,000 coffee maker . Pay attention to yourself; there is no slow release patch. The fact is that there is only one thing in the kitchen. It is people. When food is shared, the food tastes better, so even if you are a reclusive hermit, the next time you make something wonderful, knock on the neighbor's door and try the food you cooked. Just don't make it peanuts, just in case you kill them.